2018 Business Laureates of BC Nominations

To nominate an individual for the 2018 Hall of Fame, please read the instructions below and follow the link to the application form.

Deadline to nominate for the 2018 Hall of Fame: September 5, 2017

Thank you for choosing to submit a nomination for the Business Laureates of British Columbia Hall of Fame. To nominate a worthy individual, please carefully read the instructions below and complete the online application (link below). Nominations will be compiled by the executive search firm PFM Executive Search and presented to an independent Laureate Selection Committee.

The following instructions must be completed in order for your nomination to be considered:

  • Use point form to describe how the candidate meets the following criteria:
    • Vision – Laureates will have demonstrated outstanding vision in one or more of their organizations and achieved a high level of respect within the business and public communities.
    • Leadership – Laureates will have demonstrated leadership throughout their lives and have a record of leading others to success.
    • Integrity – Laureates have a reputation for improving respect for Canadian business and have utilized his/her influence to further the quality of life of British Columbia through philanthropy and/or community service.
    • Legacy – The Laureate is widely respected by his/her peers and is considered a role model for future generations of entrepreneur’s and business leaders.
  • A biography and/or curriculum vitae or resume must be attached to your nomination.
  • Limited marketing materials such as journals, publication or print articles can be provided.
  • The winning Laureates should make themselves available at the Gala Dinner and Induction Ceremonies.
  • Nominations may be posthumous. It is expected that a relative will attend the event and accept the award on their behalf.
  • It is not required that your nominee agree to let their name stand. However, the Nomination Committee strongly recommends that they are informed that a nomination has been submitted.

Download our guide How to Write a Compelling Nomination for additional guidelines.

If you require additional information or need assistance with your nomination please contact: PFM Executive Search at 604-689-9970 or candice@nullpfmsearch.com

Ready to submit your nomination? Follow this link for our online form: